Visits from friends, lost and found iPhone, Moochies and snow?

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Lots going on this week where to even start with this long overdue update, so last Monday we continued our As soon on TV food tour with another  “Diners Drive ins and Dives” location called Moochies (see DDD episode online 
here) Moochies is an old little hole in the wall down by the U of U campus that specializes in Meat Ball sandwiches and authentic Philly Cheese Steaks(cheese-wiz + provolone DAM!) another best so far, nothing I’ve back home can compare to the philly cheese steaks from this place , I can only assume this is how awesome they taste in Philly. I scored a great groupon deal for next weeks “as seen on TV” restaurant stop to Pat’s BBQ another old school local favorite where people stand in line for hours to get their “burnt tips” more on our upcoming Pats trip in next weeks update.
Tuesday was another “Know Before You Go” Avalanche class this time at Brighton resort up Big Cottonwood Canyon a few minutes from work.
I went to one of these seminars a couple weeks ago but this one had more speakers, Brighton avalanche and patrol staff and some first hand accounts of locals who had been in past and recent avalanches. They also went over all names of the backcountry areas around Brighton and how the Backcountry gates and policies worked and went into detail as to what was going on with the local off resort snow pack. So at the end they did a raffle where they asked questions I answered a question and got a killer Eddie Bauer First Ascent knit hat that matches my north face puffy jacket, score! I start Backcountry 101 at Brighton Thursday night so it was nice to meet some of the instructors. Also it sounds like I’m going to get the opportunity to help with the avalanche dog training which is something I’ve wanted to do since learning about these incredible animals.
Ops’s snack table 🙂
Friday was my holiday lunch at work and since it’s a small office here in Salt Lake their able to treat us to a nice holiday meal, lets just say I ate crab cakes, prime rib, twice baked potatoes and fancy desserts until I was literally sick to my stomach I guess that’s what I get for being a gluttonous heathen sinner 🙂
After my work lunch I left work early to pick up Robin at the SLC airport and finished up working from home until Aubs got done with her never ending training program and studying for her Aerie job at Snowbird. After picking up Aubs we went to the Hog Wallow Pub near the base of Big Cottonwood for the girls to get caught up over a couple micro brews.
Hog Wallow Pub, BCC skierboarder hangout

After beers we made a whole foods run so Aubs could grab some ingredients to make her incredible vegi spaghetti and wait for Canada to arrive from the airport around midnight, we were riding the next day and I had been up early and wanted to ride early the next day so I went off to bed. The following shenanigans unfolded while I tried to sleep.Princesses and Pineapples 

Canada finally arrived after picking up the rental car and eventually we all made it to bed by around 3am(yea I was cranky)
The next day some of us hopped up and some of us crawled out of bed to head to Brighton, groomers were good but due to an uncharacteristic lack of fresh snow riding anything steep or in the woods is pretty much out of the question unless your brave the closed signs and have a dedicated rock board and helmet.

Now onto the lost and found iPhone, with the group I didn’t have my normal helmetphone speakers plugged in so I could talk to people and help direct the group. I must have taken my iphone out of my pocket to take a pictures or send a text and never zipped up my pocket and then I took a head over heals tumble and my phone popped out and without it feeding my helmet music I never realized it , yep dumb early season mistake. As soon as we called it a day I threw my jacket in the back of the car with the rest of the gear and drove off assuming it was safe in one of my many cavernous jacket pockets, we stopped at Hogs Wallow to meet Lizzy for some apps and libations and headed home.

After bringing all my gear in and getting into something more comfortable I realized I started looking for my phone in earnest after checking and re-checking all my gear and the car several times I realized sometime was terribly wrong.

So I did what any good iphone owner would do and pulled up my account on apples new cloud additional with iOS5 that lets you access all the information you back up on the cloud as well as use “Find my iPhone” via a PC instead of needing another iPhone(or iOS device) I was nervous before I even clicked on the “Find” button but my heat sank when the picture came up showing the current location of my phone.

Yep that’s right it was 9pm and my iPhone4 was less than a 100 feet below the Crest express lift at around 9500ft(3000meters) and I was at home sitting behind my computer looking at it on Google maps in my base layers.  Good news was I knew where it was , had it’s rough GPS coordinates(within 10 meters) and at least 2 other iPhones I could use to pinpoint it. bad news was is I had no clue how much battery I had left and whether or not it was sitting on the surface where I’d be able to walk right up, grab it and head out on my merry way.   between work and finding a place to live Lizzy hadn’t really had a good opportunity to ride since she’s gotten here so she wanted to ride Brighton the next morning I figured I could use the help finding my phone so after some time in the hot tub I sulked off to bed with a heavy heart and hopes that I had at least a 5050 chance of finding it the next morning.

I woke up the next morning and my phone was still responding to location requests which meant I had battery power left and hopes that I could find my phone via the “find my phone” loud audible ping alert.

Crest express is one of the only 3 lifts running so Lizzy and I headed up with hopes we’d find it right away and be able to enjoy a nice day of riding relieved that I didn’t have to buy a new phone.

Getting off the lift I double checked the location of my phone versus the top of the and according to the map it was exactly where I took the fall and I sent the “play sound” signal. I watched the map displaying both my location and the last known location of my phone get closer and closer to each other as we made our way down the run until according to the map I was right on top of it, Lizzy and I sat on the side of the run and I could hear a very faint sound I can only describe as the sonar ping you hear on submarine movies. We looked everywhere on the surface visually but couldn’t find it and the “pinging” noise stopped. Hoping my battery didn’t just die I sent another signal for my phone to make the ping noise. This time we could clearly hear it and follow the noise to a patch of snow about 12 way up the hill. I still couldn’t see it but I could certainly hear it somewhere under the rock hard wind blown snow pack. For some reason at this point I got a little frantic and started punching my was through the snow but it was so hard all I was doing was packing it down and muffling the noise further. I then lifted my boot and kicked the snow with my heal resulting in a large rock like piece of snow and my beeping phone com tumbling out.

YES found my phone under the rock hard snow!!!

Finding my phone I was obviously relieved and Lizzy and I spent the next 4-5 hours riding on a warm, wonderful , bluebird day.

Lizzy and I finished up at Brighton and then headed back to CottonWood Heights where Lizzy headed home to Park City and I met up with the rest of the crew for lunch at our new found favorite and oldest restaurant in Utah called Ruth’s diner(See more about Ruth’s diner in previous blog entries) up in Emigration Canyon.

After a late lunch we went home and Canada packed up his things in preparation for his flight home at 8pm that evening but before his trip home we headed up to Lizzy’s so Robin and Canada could see Park City and Lizzy’s local haunt called O’Shucks.

Aubrey and I were exhausted and both had early morning work commitments so we left Robin in Lizzy’s very capable hands for a night on the in Park City.

The next day Aubrey and Robin made a trip to Snowbird for an actual powder day