Ruth’s Dinner, Emigration Canyon, Black Diamond and store visits

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Pretty chill over the last few days, just hanging around the apartment trying to not spend money and waiting for the new storms and snow to make their way east.

We continued onto stop 3 (#1 was Crown Burger and #2 The Red Iguana) of our “As seen on TV” (Diners, Drive in and Dives this time, Food Network) restaurant tour to an 80 year old Utah classic called Ruth’s Diner see the youtube episode segment here.

Tucked 12 way up Emigration Canyon we arrived around noon and the place was PACKED. It was a 40 minute wait so we put our name in, grabbed some complementry coffee from around back and continued our drive up the canyon to take some pictures while we waited our turn.

Back to this amazing meal, for starters just for stopping in they bring out what they call the “Mile High Biscuit” as the restaurant is about a mile above sea level. About the size of newborn baby this giant carb bomb melted in our mouths and induced copious salivation, easily the best I’ve ever had anywhere period hands down.
Everything they serve is farm fresh, local, sustainable bla bla bla all that good stuff. I had Ruth’s Classic combo eggs, hash browns, pancakes and insano good fancy bacon, Aubrey was more adventurous and had the Crab and Avocado Omelet which consisted of real and fresh succulent crab meat, avocado, green onions, tomatoes and cream cheese with their amazing signature made from scratch hollandaise sauce which we requested on the side for group dipping and calorie control. One of the best if not THE best breakfast I’ve ever tasted, simply amazing. We’ll be coming back as they have several dishes including but not limited to whats supposed to be the best mac’n’cheese in the entire state that we’re dieing(yes that’s how I spell “dieing” deal with it) to try.
After we stuffed ourselves silly at Ruth’s we decided to to hit up two stores we’d been waiting forever to visit in person, first was the Black Diamond Equipment Company storefront where we picked up Snow grain classification card for my upcoming avalanche training, the Wasatch backcountry Touring Map #1 and some random stickers and post cards.
The second stop was someplace I was really waiting to see the storefront I’ve spent countless hours surfing their site and making a snowboarding, backpacking and canoeing wish list. For those of you not familiar this is the backcountry store to end all backcountry stores. Tramdock, Dogfunk, Whiskey Militia and Steep and Cheap are all part of the family of online retailers. We didn’t buy anything but it was a super cool place lots of people sitting around watching snowboard and ski movies(also known as “snow porn”) eagerly trying out and picking up new gear they purchased online. This place had a great vibe kinda like walking into google headquarters but for the serious outdoorbackcountry enthusiast.

After our day  of mostly window shopping we made yet ANOTHER run to target for dinner where Aubs picked up ingrdients for one of her always wonderful and healthy dishes consisting of cage free organic chicken breasts topped with avocado and baby swiss, saffron infused quinoa and a spring mix side salad topped with glazed walnuts and cranrasberries.
Now onto the boring stuff , we started reading Water for Elephants for our roadtrip and finished it this morning while laying in bed, wonderful period book(1930’s) about life in a travling locomotive circus. Tonight we rented the movie from iTunes so were going do the Book Vs Movie comparison from the comfort of the couch.

More storms forming on the horizon as this dreaded slow moving high pressure system moves out tomorrow night with moderate storms incoming sometime between Wednesday evening and Friday morning. More info on projected incoming storms over at , these guys are great please take moment to visit their page.

That’s it for now hopefully everyone is doing well, things are going good and were having a great time but we sure do miss our family , friends and of course the Harley and Molson our dogs who are home safe, sound and spoiled with grandpa and grandma.

Take care and we hope to see some of you sooner rather than later!