Powder Day, Alvin & Lizzy, Crown burger and my first GoPro video attempt

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A nice storm started shaping up in the pacific early last week and finally rolled into northern Utah Friday evening dumping a foot of fresh fluffy Utah powder by the time I jumped out of bed Saturday morning. I threw my gear in the car grabbed my new never before used GoPro Hero2 and headed out for Brighton about 15 miles from where were currently staying. Being it’s pre-tourist season I ended up in the second row of cars parked right near the already spinning lift, things were looking good lots of fresh snow and no crowds to contend with.  The previous evening I messaged Snowvols a Utah local who I met online at snowboardingforum.com , Snowvols is friendly and experienced backcountry rider originally from the south who runs marathons for fun, this should have been my first hint that keeping up to this guy was gonna push me hard but that’s why I’m here right?

After meeting up Snowvols and Ryan from http://www.snowboardingforum.com we headed up the crest express for our our first turns of the day. Surface conditions were perfect soft, fluffy and fast. Previous to this storm riding the woods and black diamonds was totally out of the question but now with the fresh foot of snow we could carefully venture out into the woods and closed sections with somewhat less worry of rocks and other “snow sharks”, I still bounced off lots of rocks and trees but no real gear damage and lots and lots of heavenly faceshots. After chasing Vols for 2 nonstop hours of epic early season riding my lungs were burning and my back aching. I said my goodby’s to what I hope will be our Brighton shredding crew so I could get home to Aubs who was enjoying a a well deserved morning of newspaper , coffee and relaxation.

After I changed out of my gear we headed out for the dreaded “move to Utah for 6 months Target run” to get everything we needed to get by, food, shampoo, garbage bags, and a something for Aubs to make her healthy and tasty fresh fruitvegi smoothies. 2 hours and 250$(eek!) later we eventually escaped from the black hole also known as Target.
One of the things I really love about Utah is no matter where you go your have mountains literally surrounding you on all sides. See this shot of a random 7-11, yes they still exist here even without gas pumps yep you guessed it slurpy , candy and Cheetos heaven.

After we puting away our bounty of commercial items from Target we decided we were to tired to actually cook anything we purchased we headed to the most famous burger join in Utah, Crown Burgers.We first heard of CB on one of our favorite food shows Man Vs Food when he did a Salt Lake City episode which you can watch on youtube here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scrHXwyLc0Q Their famous for their Pastrami topped double cheeseburger jammed with onions , tomatoes, lettuce and fry sauce. If you don’t kow what Fry sauce is your not from Utah people here put that stuff on everything. Everyone makes it differently but fundamentally it’s a combination of ketchup, mayonnaise and pureed pickles with small changes in the level of herbs and spices and it’s dam tasty and near heart attack inducing on site.

                               mmmmmm crown burger, I’ll be eating plenty of these to replenish ride calories
Sunday we planned to try and see Lizzy who just moved here ahead of us from Minnesota and Alvin a Salt Lake local who spent time working in Glacier and Tahoe with Lizzy and Aubs in for a little reunion of kindred spirits. We started out the night at the desert edge pub in Trolley Square near the university just outside of downtown and continued to 3-4 of his favorite bars restaurants. Per usaul I was happy to be designated driver so the 3 of them could have some drinks and remissness about old times gone by. Was great to see Alvin again as he makes us all laugh until we can’t breath and our abs beg for mercy.

The above shot is from the giant maple trees growing out of the sidewalk that haven’t even lost their leaves yet. Not many places where you can ride a foot of the best powder on earth and then 20 minutes later be longboarding or playing disc golf comfortably with only jeans and a sweatshirt……heaven.