Is this thing working?

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First blog attempt(Ever) I only have a few minutes but told myself as part of my pre trip preparations that I would at least try and get this started and try to stay with it throughout the winter.

Still have so much to do and not making much progress, not bringing my PC so I picked up a 1TB mini external hard drive for this winters photos’s, video and itunes library. Also finally picked up a GoPro Hero2HD been saving those best buy certs for over a year now and when the new Hero2 came out I knew it was time so we had it for our road trip.

Gonna miss the dogs so much been taking them them to play lots of disc golf, the dog park at Battle Creek which they love and lots of little drives, walks and trips before we go, I’m thankful for the warm weather so far hope it holds out another 10 days.

For those of you that don’t know I’ve been given the opportunity to live in Utah and work out of our office in Sandy Utah just a few miles away from Big and Little cottonwood canyons containing resorts like Snowbird, Alta, Brighton and Solitude.  After several grilling interviews Aubrey got a gig at what should be one of the most exclusive restaurants in the ski world, Aerie on the top floor of the Cliff’s lodge at Snowbird under new management and after a multi-million dollar remodel they hope to blow people away with their new chef, staff and menu should be a great view at least during her work day, it’ll be great for her to finally be working literally up in the mountains again.

It’s going to be interesting as we don’t know where were gonna be living 2 months from now but we have a month of access to a furnished apartment until we find something suitable in the Sandy or Cottonwood Heights areas close to where we work and play.

More to come we haven’t even started to pack yet and were down to almost 10 days before we have to hit the road so Aubrey can make it to start her training.